Introducing modern business-models, innovations, and trends in public catering in malls and other commercial properties to market participants: restaurateurs, developers, and mall managers.


Commercial property developers, managers of shopping centers with modern business-models, restaurateurs who manage public catering networks in CIS



  • Daily meetings in lecture format with New York’s leading experts in food court and food hall organizations
  • Daily visiting of most significant and successful food-venues of New York, meetings with project managers, plenty of insights!
  • Informal networking, developers’ and restaurateurs’ communication cooperated in the same program
  • Translator accompanying throughout the whole program



  1. Food-venues are the new fashion of XXI century
  2. Modern trends in logistics and design of food halls, food courts, and embedded restaurants
  3. How to build and manage a successful food hall?
  4. How to organize active food court in the working shopping mall?
  5. How to earn on food halls, food courts, and restaurants in the shopping centre?
  6. What kind of food has the major appeal? The freshest trends with cafe and restaurant formats for the shopping malls
  7. Produce markets as a new potential venue: what is the business-model and its monetization?
  8. REdevelopment from REstaurateurs. Transformation of the old industrial buildings to gastronomic hubs!



Day 1:

Arrival and independent settling in the hotel. We recommend to choose Ace Hotel ( since we will gather there with all our team

Meeting for welcoming cocktail at 19:00 in legendary speakeasy bar Employees Only, which proudly carries the title of the best bar in North America for several years in a row

Day 2:


10:00-14:00 Food & Success session in the conference hall

  • Introductory lecture-meeting
  • Lecture on trends of diversification of commercial property objects (food venues and lifestyle)

Lunch in conceptual restaurant. Meeting with managers and tour on following objects:

GREAT NORTHERN FOOD HALL that is situated in New York’s  Grand Central Station, national historical monument and one of the largest public spaces in America. The founder of the food hall is New York restaurant group MeyerUSA that is managed by Claus Mayer. Claus is also a co-founder of Copenhagen Noma restaurant, thus this food venue is abound in scandinavian dishes such as smorrebrod, imer (creamy dairy product), and cereal dishes

URBAN SPACE VANDERBILT is situated in the heart of Manhattan, two steps aways from Grand Central Station. This food hall offers more than 20 signature conceptions from well-known chefs. Urban Space Vanderbilt became one of the buzziest establishments in New York working 24/7 and demonstrating unsurpassed atmosphere of the food establishments inside of unique venue. Delaney Chicken is a must-visit for they make the tastiest roasted chicken sandwiches.

PLAZA FOOD HALL is a sumptuous place (that has wall from live flowers) under The Plaza Hotel with a total area of 1000 square meters. The price range varies from 300$ high-quality caviar to simple 8$ dumplings. The food hall includes such venues as Epicerie Boulud, Lady M, Sub №7 and many more, full list of which is presented on the official website (with menus)

After 18:00 – independent study of bar and restaurant industry of New York by plan that is crafted according to individual goals

Day 3:


10:00-14:00 – “Food and Success” lecture

  • Architect’s lecture – the trends in food hall, food court and lifestyle objects’ design
  • Lecture on operational management of food venues

Lunch in new Mikhail Zelman’s restaurant Burger & Lobster (Bryant Park) with the operational partner of Burger & Lobster USA, Vladimir Borodin

After lunch, tour on following objects:

EATALY UNION SQUARE is a symbiosis of a retail market  that imports all its products from Italy, and fully functioning establishments that offer special category of products. The market occupies 15 000 square meters near Madison Park.

ABC KITCHEN is a place that profoundly promotes healthy lifestyle and uses only local ingredients. This hybrid  project is curated by chefs Jean George and Fill Suarez and encompasses upper-class shops and three restaurants: ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina, and ABC V (vegetarian)

FUJIFILM: A CONNECTED STORE is a company Fujifilm store that embodies distinctive creative space where customers can ‘revive’ the pictures from their smartphones and make prints with picture decorations on their own

ADIDAS MIDTOWN is new flagman store representing a real adventure. Inspired by American school atriums, the store consists of tunnel-entry, stands, and lockers instead of regular fitting-rooms

Dinner at independently chosen restaurant

Jazz concert in the evening


Day 4:

Quest-day. Team game in visiting unique restaurants, bars, retail objects, art venues, and pop-up conceptions where team players have to complete some tasks for the result achievement. Game rules will be announced on the meeting!

Day 5:


10:00 – 14:00 “Food and Success” session:

  • Successful fast-food models for the food court . How food court functions
  • Successful bar and restaurant models for the food hall. How food hall functions


Visiting following conceptions:

LA MERCERIE is a hybrid project of the restaurant and store that is situated in Roman & William Guild design studio in Soho. The venue is unique in terms of purchasing: you can order not only general meal course and signature cocktail, but also the spoon you are eating with or the couch underneath.

LE DISTRICT is a venue inspired by French cuisine that combines a coffee shop, open catering, and market where you can buy fresh produce from local farmers. This is such a unique gastronomic experience!

EATALY WESTLIGHT is a large-scale venue dedicated to Italian cuisine and culture. The chain operates for 11 years and has 5 large venues in USA and more than 20 of venues around the world. This gastronomic complex comprises from stores, restaurants, coffee shops and take-out sections. Eataly has a fully-functioning web-store that delivers all over North America.

HUDSON EATS was established in 2014 and represents 14 fast-casual authors’ establishments on a terrace. 1000 square kilometers area includes such restaurants as Blue Ribbon, Umami Burger with Dos Toros Taqueria and allows to sit 600 customers. The venue does not lack peculiarity: there are panoramic windows with a view to all Hudson River and Statue of Liberty.

SAKS DOWNTOWN is a luxurious venue that completely wins over with its innovative architecture, bold assortment, and first-class services. Here, the customers can indulge themselves with the “Lunch for Omnipotent”, a 60-minute ritual that includes full lunch course and its stylization according to personal preferences.

Dinner at independently chosen restaurant.

Bar evening program.

Day 6:


Meeting in art hybrid venue Chelsea Market

CHELSEA MARKET is the main America’s food court, vital food artery of New York and first in its kind gastronomic venue that has recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Its drawback is lack of space and regular tourist crowds, however, whole omars are worth it.

We spend a full day examining objects in Brooklyn and meeting with experts and management

Seminar “Industrial Revolution – a new life of industrial property objects. Opportunities for both restaurateurs and developers.” Discussions on industrial venues’ reconstruction  from developers’ viewpoint

Visiting the following objects:

NORMAN, a place situated in Brooklyn, comprises from modern restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, and bar. The innovative venue serves first-class meals 24/7 under curation of Claus Meier and Frederik Berselius

DEKALB MARKET HALL is a venue with 40 different establishments including Show Kitchen, live music bars, and restaurants with daily show-program. The food hall opens new page of Brooklyn’s culinary history counts as one of the largest entertainment centers in New York

INDUSTRY CITY is a pioneering food hall of the same name complex situated on former port territory with a total square of 35 acres. Venue includes various coffee shops, restaurants, fast-food spots, shops and co-working spaces

BROOKLYN CITY WINERY. ROOFTOP REDS, Brooklyn’s pearl covered from wandering eyes owing to its location on the roof of the old naval complex. In order to get there, you will need to know a special password and overcome 6 flights of stairs but that is definitely worth it. It is a real vineyard in the middle of industrial city, where they manufacture their own wine with its unique gustatory properties

Farewell cocktail in Brooklyn vineyard

Day 7:

Free day: we recommend to leave it in the schedule for individual work and excursions

The end of the program.



  • Lectures, seminars, and masterclasses from leading New York experts
  • Transportation
  • Lunches
  • Welcoming and farewell cocktails
  • Accompanying with translator-guide
  • Photoshoot and photo album for download
  • Conference-halls and equipment



  • Plane tickets, housing,airport shuttle, breakfasts and dinners

The number of reservations is limited!

  • Dear client! For participation in the program we kindly ask you to make a prepayment: 30% of the program cost till 60-31 day of the beginning and the remainder (or 100% of the program cost) till the 30th day
  • Unfortunately, in case of cancellation of participation till 30-21 day before the beginning, we can return you only 50% of the program cost. In case of cancellation from participation less than 21 day till the beginning, then the cost will not be reimbursed

** The program is tentative and can undergo changes


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