The concept of the program

A healthy lifestyle came to the forefront.
Top Chefs draw everyone to light and healthy food and restaurateurs on the wave of “healthy trend” make multi-million dollar fortunes.
What is their secret?
In order to understand more thoroughly and become an expert, we invite you to Berlin – a rich 4-day trend tour of the top health food establishments with the possibility of a live dialogue with business owners.

What awaits you:

– Practice and tools for understanding where success lies and why a healthy concept is a multi-billion-dollar global business and a stable trend for many years to come;
– Individual meetings with the owners of leading institutions in the field of healthy food;
– Communication 24/7 with the coordinator of the group – Julia Kopytkova – the owner of a successful business for the delivery of Detox Diet Packages
(in the company’s portfolio there are 10 sold franchises around the world);
– Logistics and competent balance in the program will allow you not only to immerse yourself in the world of healthy and successful concepts, but to see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Berlin;
– You will understand how to open a successful new business or reform an existing concept with an emphasis on healthy. We will show by example that these institutions can be both expensive, and democratic, and “fast” and at the same time respectable;
– You will visit the famous EVENING FOOD MARKET – where you will be filled in to the failures and successes by best of the best;
– “Travel” to different concepts: supermarkets, coffee shops, shops, restaurants, markets – a symbiosis of ideas and unique trends;

This program is for:

— enthusiasts and lovers of healthy eating;
— owners of cafes and restaurants;
— investors in the restaurant business;
— managing institutions;
— food bloggers;
— technologists and chefs;
— future restaurateurs;

What result will you get:

— you will be ensured that healthy food can be tasty, original and amazing;
— you will learn that the naturalness should be not only in the menu, but also in the service and interior;
— you will understand that healthy projects can be successful and profitable;
— you will get applied knowledge, technologies and tools for the development and successful scaling of business;
— you will get acquainted with European healthy technologies and successful cases of work with different formats of institutions, different cuisines and their adaptation for the local market;
— you will be inspired to realize your boldest ideas;

Course program:

Tuesday – October, 23

16:00-19:00 – Introductory workshop on sustainable / proper nutrition and
main trends in the gastronomy of Berlin.

“Types, portraits of users and relevant gastronomic concepts”:
Veganism, plant based
Raw food diet
From the farm to the table
Seasonal products
From nose to tail

Alternatives to wheat flour and ancient kinds of wheat
Alternatives to refined sugar and salt
Vertical gardening
The quality of water in the preparation of food and hot drinks (coffee)
Wellcome Drink at Victoria Bar.

Wednesday – October, 24
9:30 – Breakfast and workshop at Goodies – the first network of cafes of organic vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Berlin, founded in 2015. The only commercial concept in Berlin, combining all the basic requirements of those who think about the quality of their food: offering vegetarian and vegan cuisine exclusively from bio-ingredients, without the use of refined sugar and salt, without wheat flour (which has a problem with a high content of gluten due to the constant selection for industrial bakeries), and using only clean filtered water for the preparation of beverages and dishes.

This is the combination of the third wave coffee house + healthy corner.

12:00 – Excursion to the Bio Company –  bio-supermarket.

14:00 – Lunch in the Hermanns food laboratory – a cafe combined with space for food innovation and new products.
The menu of the café varies depending on the topics / focuses of the food laboratory (seaweed, fermentation, etc.).

16:00 – Excursion to Mumme – vegan fast food with a focus on bowls and service delivery.

18:00 – Excursion to the third wave coffee shop Father Carpenter.

20:00 – Dinner at Kopps – a restaurant of creative sustainable gastronomy with a focus on working with bio-seasonal products.

Thursday – October, 25

9:30 – Breakfast at Rose Garden restaurant is a concept of healthy food cooked with love. Type: flexitarian – mix of superfoods with salads, and denser hot meals.

12:00 – Excursion to Zeit für Brot – a network of bio-bakeries, where bread is prepared according to an old slow recipe (the dough takes many hours, without chemical additives). In production, environmental electricity is used, and bread is baked in each branch on site.

14:00 – Lunch at The Club Kitchen – the concept of healthy delicious food.

16:00 – Excursion to the Vertical Farm To Table Restaurant.

17:00 – Excursion to the K & K butcher’s shop in the famous Halle Neun market, which is also part of the Slow Food Network. Meeting with the owner of a butcher’s shop, the famous organic butcher of Berlin.

19:00 – visit to the famous evening market called Street Food Thursday and the third-wave coffee house adjoined to them.

21:00 – Dinner at the Michelin restaurant Lucky Leek.

Friday – October, 26
09:30– Breakfast at Common Ground which is the best breakfast restaurant in Berlin, from the founder of the famous Silo Coffee.
The restaurant works with regional food producers.

12:00 – Meeting with the manager of Green Gurus – an online restaurant and a catering service. Healthy bowls and wraps, with a large percentage of raw ingredients.

14:00 – Lunch. We try the best burgers, including vegetarian options from Piechas in the market hall of the Halle market in Kreuzberg. Piechas is a Slow Food stand-cafe, which purchases seasonal products directly from farmers in the region and operates by Nose to Tail principle. The cafe is combined with a butcher’s shop.
Uniqueness of the concept: their prices are lower than those of other cafes with a similar menu that purchases products from conventional wholesalers. The concept proves that organic food should not cost more – it’s only a question of patience and time to seek and negotiate with individual suppliers. The owner is a professional gourmet, trained at the University of Slow Food in Milan.
Type: healthy fast food with butcher’s shop.

16:00 – Excursion to the “Vegetarian butcher” – a branch of the famous Dutch producer of meat alternatives on vegetable protein, a multiple international prize winner for innovation in the field of products.
Type: vegan alternatives to meat. Hamburgers and wraps. Vegan and vegetarian fast food.

17:30 – Visiting the vegan supermarket Veganz.

20:00 – The final dinner at Katzorange is a sustainable ecological Fine Dining, first this kind of a restaurant in Berlin, opened about 10 years ago.
Tasting the menu and meeting with the team.

Included in price:

  • Breakfast, lunch, welcome cocktail and farewell dinner at the Michelin restaurant;
  • Tickets for the public transportation;
  • Lectures, workshops, master-classes;
  • Guide-translator and accompaniment;


  • Flight, stay, diners, airport transfer

Program cost:

1450 EUR


* Dear customer! For participation in an event please make a 30% pre-pay from a ticket’s cost 60-31 day prior to beginning, remaining (or 100% of the ticket’s cost) – 30 days prior.Unfortunately, in case of refusal from participating in an event 30-21 day prior to its beginning, we will be able to return you only the 50% costs of ticket. In case of refusal 20 and less days prior event ticket’s cost cannot be refunded.

** This program is a conception, changes are possible

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