Intensive Training for Chefs 

16 – 22 February. Barcelona, Spain

“From appetizers to Michelin-style dishes” 

Intensive training with an opportunity to apply for an internship at the restaurants of our program. 

  • 5 days = 5 workshops led by the strongest chefs in the world
  • 9 Michelin stars of our Chefs- tutors
  • Masterclasses on modern Spanish cuisine
  • Recipes and modern culinary techniques
  • Creativity and trends in serving dishes
  • Tips for Effective Kitchen Management
  • Certificate of completion
  • Professional photo shooting during training
  • Tour on  successful restaurant and bar concepts in Barcelona 

You will take home after the training:

– new textures on the base of simple ingredients

– ways of non-standard use of sous vide and siphon in the kitchen

– chemistry and physics of plant and animal fats

– what equipment and ingredients are needed to flavour products

– insights on the menu development – first plates, then dishes 

– stages of the dishes transformation from classic to the avant-garde style 

– the library of tastes. Compatibility and biochemistry of processes

– all about charcoal grills: from snacks to desserts

– how pricing of sharing menu is being formed

– effective organization of restaurants in the food market

– why it is better to use farm meat and poultry for smoking and fermentation

– traditional and modern smokehouses, Spanish smoking methods

– research, as the main part of the creative process in the kitchen

– rules on creating healthy food restaurant menus

– processing and storage of products in the restaurants of the Flexitarian diet


About the program and our training chefs:


Albert Adrià is a cult chef, a brother of Ferran Adrià, one of the most influential chefs and famous restaurateurs in the world.

Now he owns elBarri restaurant group:

  • famous tapas-bar Tickets (1 Michelin Star ), where the dinners where dinner turns into a real show
  • classic Spanish restaurant Bodega 1900
  • Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines restaurant Pakta (1 Michelin Star 
  • fine-dining Mexican cuisine restaurant Hoja Santa (1 Michelin Star
  • fine dining restaurant Enigma (1 звезда Мишлен, wherein each dish a special code is encrypted

Paco Mendez  – Mexican cuisine guru, thanks to whom restaurant Hoja Santa in Barcelona received Michelin star.  This is the second Mexican restaurant. Previously Chef worked at Arzak Restaurant in San Sebastián


Restaurant of modern Mediterranean cuisine, where the main goals are to amaze, stimulate and create through the gastronomy.  Dishes can only be tasted in tasting menus, and the guest never knows what to expect. There is no detailed description of the dishes.  This is always a surprise. It is always an experiment.

Along with Oriol Castro and Mateu Casanyas, Eduard Xatruch is included in the trio of chefs who lead the restaurant Disfrutar in Barcelona and Compartir in in Cadaqués. At the age of 17, after studying at the School of Hospitality in Cambrils, he went to elBulli for three months to have an internship, after which he remained there to work. Eduard also gained experience in restaurants such as Fat Duck. by Heston Blumenthal, “Le Calandre” by Massimiliano Alaimo and “Arzak”.


A group of restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid that includes: Flax & Kale Street, Flax & Kale Passage (gluten-free pizza, healthy Asian fusion cuisine, kombucha laboratory), Flax & Kale Passage & Signature Spa, the world’s first Flexitarian & Kale Tallers Flexi restaurant 

All dishes are designed not only to maximize organoleptic pleasure but also taking into account their nutritional value.  80% of the dishes are vegetable-based, and the remaining 20% ​​are recipes containing oily fish.


Chef Quim Marquez has been cooking in the market for more than 25 years. The restaurant at the market is popular among tourists, gastro critics and enthusiasts, world cinema stars, politicians and other public figures.  About Kim and his restaurant annually write such media as Condé Nast Traveler, Time Out, Lonely Planet, Travel & Leisure. 

In March 2019, Kim participated in the opening of the Little Spain food space in New York, USA, created by Albert Adrià. 

Hidden Boqueria 

From snacks to desserts, from Japan to Spain, from raw to fried, from tomatoes to Bloody Mary. Owners: Quim & Yuri Marquez, Aitor Olabegoya & Luis Chiang.

In the restaurant-laboratory, as the creators themselves call this space,  Chefs do experiments with ingredients, combining cooking methods and cultural traditions, to present guests a unique vision of dishes with an Asian-Mediterranean interpretation. 

The restaurant works in the format of Chef’s table.   


Espaisucre – a confectionery school, created 16 years ago exclusively by Spanish chefs and the only one having its own pedagogical system, different from any other school in the world.  The “ESPAISUCRE METHOD” is so that students can use their clear and precise knowledge regarding the ingredients to create their own dishes. 

Ricard Martinez receiving a degree in business administration at the University of Barcelona in 2000, continued his education in Barcelona, ​​interned in restaurants Racó de Can Fabes (3 Michelin stars), Ramón Freixa (1 Michelin star), Mauro Uliassi (2 Michelin stars), Embat.

Since 2007, he has been a teacher at the school, along with Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer, teaching a pastry course for restaurants, and participating in research.


The coal stove brand was created in 1969 by Pere Juli and Josep Armangué.  With over 40,000 customers worldwide, Josper is the ideal partner for the most demanding chefs who want to achieve the highest quality charcoal grills.



DATES: arrival 16.02, departure  22.02, training 17.02-21.02

Training Cost: only 2350 euros per person, including accommodation

* The price is valid for advance payments until January 13, 2020

From 13.01 to 31.01 the cost of 2500 euros

From 1.02 to 15.02 the cost of 2700 euros

The price consists of: 

  • Group accommodation in a hostel/hotel (inform about the decision when making advance payment for participation)
  • Welcome cocktail, breakfast (at the hostel/hotel) and lunch (according to the program)
  • Meals in restaurants according to the program
  • All master classes from leading chefs and other professionals
  • Accompanying a group of participants
  • Lectures and master classes translation into Russian 
  • A professional photographer during all days of the training, except  meetings for welcome cocktails
  • Round-trip public transport tickets for visiting  Josper factory

Not included:

  • flights, transfers to/from the airport, meals outside of the program, excursions, cookbooks by chefs trainers and other expenses outside the program.

Apply for participation in the program