Trend tour for restaurateurs to New York, May 23-18 2016

This spring professionals of Ukrainian and Russian restaurant market spent one week in New York, where they became acquainted with the new gastronomic trends, visited the most significant places in Manhattan and Brooklyn and finally estimated the most conceptual restaurants in the city.

People that have changed Brooklyn: Andrew Tarlow. Part one

Today, Brooklyn is a collection of a wide variety of culinary stories that tell of street food, fusion, and new-fangled trends. In one way or another, there are various people without whom the area never would have emerged from the shadows of glamorous Manhattan. Andrew Tarlow, whose name has perhaps been immortalised in the annals of Brooklyn’s restaurant industry, is just such a person.

В Лондон за перуанским севиче

Столица Великобритании последние десятилетия приобрела звание европейской гастрономической Мекки, пусть даже будут противиться этому  сторонники французской классики или итальянских мам.