Doug Satzman

An energetic and very successful executive director with more than 20 years of experience in the field of high incomes, profits and talent development in multi-channel retail networks in the US and EMEA regions. Doug is an excellent communicator and an authentic leader with a high degree of emotional intelligence combined with vision, drive, unshakable ethics and integrity. He is distinguished by his ability to inspire people at all levels to achieve results that they considered impossible. The experience of managing organizations with billions of budgets makes him a unique expert in the business world.

Doug built a career in Starbucks from a retail development manager to a retailer in 35 countries in the EMEA region. Over 14 years of work at Starbucks, his team has grown the number of cafes from 2,000 to 20,000 worldwide! Dowg created the first multi-channel development strategy, which revolutionized the model for entering new markets and created a new competitive advantage. This led to double-digit growth in revenues and profits.

Doug began his career in 1991 as a manager and dealing in sales in one of the largest networks of photo shops – Ritz Camera & Image in the US. In 1995 he became the manager of the development of a chain of shops. Every year thanks to Dag, 20-25 new facilities were opened. He participated and directed several acquisitions and integrations of private regional networks of photo shops. Doug managed to increase the company’s profits by half.

From 1997 to 1999, Doug worked as a manager for the development of the retail network of Blockbuster in Washington. Each year, with its help, opened 30-40 new stores.

In 2000, Doug joined Starbucks as a retail development manager. He was responsible for the development of facilities in the Mid-Atlantic States, opening 25-30 new institutions per year. In 2002, he became Director of the development of institutions. Doug stood at the head of a team of leaders responsible for construction, design and growth in Northern California. For 5 years in this position, Doug has increased the number of establishments from 400 to 800.

Later, Doug became vice president of business development and licensing of retail operations in 35 countries in the EMEA region. He also supported a major reorganization that combined continental Europe and the UK and major offices, which led to significant cost savings and synergies in the EMEA region. Over 14 years of work at Starbucks, his team has achieved an increase in the number of cafes from 2,000 to 20,000 around the world.

From 2015 to 2017, Doug worked as CEO of Le Pain Quotidien in New York. Where he was developing the brand of organic products and expanding the network to new countries. He developed a strategy for the development of the company for 3-5 years, focused on the development of new markets, the creation of multi-channel growth platforms and the use of innovative technologies. Doug led the corporate reorganization, focused on improving customer service, supporting the level of stores, reducing costs and preparing plans for active growth. Doug emphasized the innovations in the menu, the simplification of the main menu, reduced complexity of dishes, increased speed of service and the introduction of a new mode of bakery production.

Also since 2016, Doug is a member of the advisory board that established the Small Business Department for the City Hall of New York to promote sustainable growth and help solve the problems facing the local restaurant industry.

Since October 2017, Doug has been the CEO of Joe Coffee Company, a coffee shop chain serving top quality coffee in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Doug, as an investment partner of Danny Meyer, a well-known restaurateur, businessman and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, plans to bring Joy Coffee brand to the world level.