Executive Head Chef

Ben began his career at Queens College Cambridge, under Hans
Schwietzer. While growing up Gordon was the chef of his generation
who everyone looked up to, including Ben. Personal influences in
Ben’s career were Colin Clague & Tim Hughes, both mentors who
have shaped Ben into who he is today, in terms of character, cooking and respect for ingredients.

Ben’s biggest culinary passion is thinking about the whole package
and believes you have to break it down into sections. For Ben the
ingredients are special when making a dish so simple but so good,
like Tomato & Tofu Cream. His team is what makes him come back
day after day, including some of the amazing apprentices we currently have at the group.

Key milestones in Ben’s career was when he moved to London at
19, his first opening of Zuma in Istanbul and meeting his wife at
Zuma in Dubai. The opening of Sexy Fish was a huge
accomplishment for Ben, but the opportunity to work for Gordon
Ramsay Group with its amazing history has been a major milestone
in Ben’s career. Ben is the Executive Head Chef of Maze Mayfair.